So, I was going to post about the roasted yellow peppers that I’m currently making (it’ll be my first attempt at stepping up my canning skills a notch. These should last for a year, rather than a couple of weeks, in the fridge. If all goes according to plan). It’s also the first time that I’m trying roasting them on the stove, rather than in the oven (because the jars are sterilizing in the oven, of course).They’re inspired by this recipe here.

Did I mention that I’m 5′ tall? And that we have 9′ ceilings where I live? Apparently the stove-top roasting method is much more smoky than I’d anticipated (and I even used canola oil, which is much more heat tolerant than the recommended olive!). But the blaring thing is that, when my smoke detector goes off, I can’t reach to turn it off. All I can do is open the door to the outside and wait. Which, given that it’s not much above freezing here, rather defeats the purpose of turning my oven on for warmth!.

Ah well. I’ll have pictures of my peppers in jars at some point in the near future, at least. Hopefully they’re worth it!


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