Food in Jars! (part 2)

A mason jar filled 5/6 full of applesauce. A clove sits 3/4 of the way toward the bottom.

Applesauce! If you look closely you can see the whole clove still in it.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make preserves. So, following the half-success (hey, they got into the jar) of the roasted yellow peppers I decided to make applesauce. This is easy for me because I’ve been making it since childhood. I can make it while half-asleep.

The part that I don’t find easy is the ‘preserves’ part. I can sterilize jars, I can sterilize lids, I can add put the hot applesauce into the jar (although I want to get a canning funnel to make this easier and less messy). But somehow I can’t get the jar to seal. I’ll just have to make pancakes for this sauce, and then I’ll bake some things. Applesauce tends to be a good fat substitute in baked goods.

I must go and get more apples! When I buy them especially for this purpose they’re 50% so that’s a pretty good deal. Eventually I’ll get this preserving thing. Right?


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