So, I made this hat

Mystery Hat!

Mystery Hat!

To give credit where credit is due, here's the pattern by knit1slip1. But now that I’ve finished it, I don’t want it. Do you want a tuque?

I have a friend in mind to mail it to, unsolicited. But, would people appreciate being mailed unsolicited hats?


4 thoughts on “So, I made this hat

  1. we hope the mystery hat found a lovely home for the holidays, solicited or not. surprise handmade hats in wonderful purple are the best.


    • Argh! It’s taken me so long to respond to this!
      It’s not really a balancing act; the head is on a broomstick which is jammed deep into the full container šŸ™‚

      I’m glad that the recipient liked her gift. She sent me a selfie of her posing!


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