New moon spread

The format for this spread comes from Little Red Tarot. My goal is to become more disciplined with these moon spreads. They provide a good framework for self check-ins that I otherwise would quite simply never accomplish. I usually try to avoid being introspective in such a manner, so it’s reassuring to see that I’m on the right track. Maybe it’s encouragement to try again at the next new moon.

  1. Where you stand: Ace of Swords
  2. Something to leave behind: 3 of Coins
  3. Something to receive: 5 of Swords, reversed
  4. Something to learn: 10 of coins, reversed
  5. Something to give: 4 of coins, reversed
  6. Your Hopes and dreams: 7 of coins
  7. Your secret, special, skill: Queen of cups, reversed


Half of this spread is reversed which leads me to believe that I have a very significant energy block in my life right now. I find it interesting that, of seven cards, four are coins. I’m not generally very grounded but I must be getting better as only 50% of them are reversed. There are no wands here at all, however. So while I’m moving forward it’s with trepidation, rather than with enthusiasm.

I’m standing on the cusp of something new. I wonder if the Ace of Swords is referring to my starting school in september (still a moon away). After all, school will definitely require some thinking prowess. The Ace seems to suggest that I’ll be starting a new project soon.

I’m leaving behind the world of art to embark on a new adventure. This three is one of craftsmanship and artistry. I’m leaving that world. It seems to be telling me that I’ll go back to amateur art, rather than making art professionally. Right now I’m okay with that.

In its place I’ll be getting something with the characteristics of a fox: cunning, deceitful, and a meaningless victory. I wonder if this is referring to my headspace right now. After all, it’s really been a slog to get myself going and I seem to fight every step forward with three steps back. I’m really my own worst enemy at times, and I wonder if this card is addressing that.

I need to learn how to balance difficult odds with the impossible. I know that I’ve set myself a challenging goal (to see if I can get my Masters’) and it’s doubtful that I’ll actually get there. I need to temper that expectation that I can do whatever it is that I’ve set my mind to. This card is telling me that I need to be better about anticipating failure so that I’m not continually disappointed. Not all gambles can pay off, and I shouldn’t expect that.

I can give generosity, emotional freedom, and offer connection with others. I have a rich inner life that I rarely let others see, let alone participate in. I can allow others to participate in that and in so doing warm their lives up as well. However, I know that that’s a challenge for me and it will be a work in progress for a while yet. That’s okay. If I manage to switch careers to what I want, however, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Because it will be in a professional capacity it will be easier for me.

My hope and dream is to become proficient at what I’ll be doing at school. I hope to be good at it and to make a difference. I want to be good at what I do not only so that I don’t cause further harm but so that I can actively reduce the pain in others’ lives. The Tarot suggests that I need to keep this in mind going forward. The more that I can name it and aspire to it directly the more likely that I am to have it manifest.

My secret, special, skill, is that I can flourish in spite of the repressive Queen of Cups that’s been in my life. It means that I am free to do what I want regardless of what she says. That freedom is very powerful and is my secret ally. I’m not bogged down anymore. I can manifest my own dreams and turn them into realities. No one can take that away from me.

This lunar cycle is really about laying a solid foundation from which I can progress into the future. I’m still in a holding pattern but I’m starting to see my aspirations take shape and come together. I’m on the edge of a new adventure but, unlike the Fool, I’ve got the opportunity to plan and to get it together in advance. I should make the most of it over the next few weeks.


One thought on “New moon spread

  1. Remember failing at something is one of the best ways to learn – don’t ever think of failing as a failure! And as for new adventures, Mary Oliver (the poet) says: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” You go, girl!


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