Taco Salad Skillet

Tacos are one of my favourite foods. But I’m spoiled and the hard shells from the grocery store just don’t do it for me. Unfortunately for my taste buds ever since I moved away from having a tortilleria a mere two blocks from my house (now it’s almost two kilometers away!) I eat them less frequently. Enter the amazing budget bytes and her wonderful Taco Salad Skillet! I’m saved!

Mine ended up being vegetarian because I didn’t feel like going to the store. So it had pinto beans and corn (you can see them peeking out the bottom) and was topped with avocado, tomato, a shredded romaine heart, and green onion.


I ended up adding a lot more spices, too. I hadn’t yet gotten around to getting chili powder (that whole not going to the store thing that I mentioned earlier) so instead I used cumin, and a bit of oregano. A jalepeño helped as well.


Oh, and as a final embellishment, sour cream! I needed it for that jalepeño.


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