My Tarot Philosophy:
The Tarot indicate what is the mostly likely occurrence at this point in time if you keep doing what you’re doing. It is, of course, subject to change as are all things in life. That’s because we have free will. If you were to sit back and do nothing then you would get nothing in return. If you want to steer away from their predicted outcome then you are more than able to as you, being an adult with free will, have the ability to create any changes in your own life that you would like to see. The tarot can help to clarify situations in your life but it’s up to you to create any lasting change.

I believe that the cards work by providing insight into patterns that we’re not aware of. They are a bit like the sun casting an illuminating light into our shadow lives. Between the combination of free will and the fact that hidden patterns will keep repeating themselves until we can identify them the future is incredibly murky at the best of times. With insight into these forces we can harness our potential for positive change.

Tarot represents a way to find clarity in a complicated world. It can provide insight and shine light on patterns that we’re as yet unaware of. Once we have that knowledge we can use our own free will to improve the situation. Without the knowledge and insight that the cards can provide we risk being caught in the same loops and never breaking free. Rather than be fated to pace the same well-worn track use your knowledge and insight to better yourself and to better the world around you! I strongly believe that we all have the power to take agency over our lives and to shape them how we will.

The Tarot is a tool to let us identify where we should concentrate our efforts for best results. I don’t do third-party readings.

Please know that all readings are strictly confidential.

If you want to work with me to design a customised spread tailored to your own unique circumstances please don’t hesitate to Book a Reading Via Email with me. Or buy from one of my pre-made spreads:

Purchasing Options:
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How it works: Buy now and I’ll send you an email where we’ll work out your question. Your reading will happen within three days of your question being asked. If for some reason we can’t work out how to phrase what you’re trying to say you get your money back.


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