Success and Backtracking

Today I made this roasted pear trifle for my mum. The custard didn’t set very well (perhaps because I added an extra egg) although my expectations may have been high. Is custard supposed to have the consistency of jam, or closer to yoghurt? This one was more akin to buttermilk. It still works for my purposes. It’s more for the flavour, anyway. I’ll finish the trifle tomorrow, because that’s when it’ll be served; whipped cream doesn’t tend to enjoy being left overnight.

I frogged some of my knitting today while I was waiting for my custard. Here’s a tip: read your pattern and then don’t assume that you know it. The key is to keep re-reading your pattern. Apparently I was supposed to set aside 16 stitches, rather than knit them for another five inches. This makes sense when I think about it. But did I do that? No, of course not. So out came those three extra inches.

I’ve almost finished a scarf that I promised a friend of Fuzzy’s. Pictures to come!