Pot Roast: day two



Now it’s time to add the vegetables!

After cooking all day I added potatoes, carrots, and pearl onions. This is where the weakness of my cookbook was really apparent. I thought that 45 minutes in a slow cooker wasn’t quite long enough for potatoes – and I was right! Both they and the carrots were hard even though I gave them extra time. Veggie fail! In the future I will pre-cook my vegetables. That’s a tip, kids.

At the very end I added peas and corn. The corn needed to be added because it was going bad; I’d gotten 5 corn for a dollar at the grocery store for that reason. The rest will go into the chili that I want to make in the next few days.

This is what it looked like before I added the gravy:


Ready to eat

And then, with gravy on my plate and ready to go:


My first attempt at making meat and potatoes!



So, I was going to post about the roasted yellow peppers that I’m currently making (it’ll be my first attempt at stepping up my canning skills a notch. These should last for a year, rather than a couple of weeks, in the fridge. If all goes according to plan). It’s also the first time that I’m trying roasting them on the stove, rather than in the oven (because the jars are sterilizing in the oven, of course).They’re inspired by this recipe here.

Did I mention that I’m 5′ tall? And that we have 9′ ceilings where I live? Apparently the stove-top roasting method is much more smoky than I’d anticipated (and I even used canola oil, which is much more heat tolerant than the recommended olive!). But the blaring thing is that, when my smoke detector goes off, I can’t reach to turn it off. All I can do is open the door to the outside and wait. Which, given that it’s not much above freezing here, rather defeats the purpose of turning my oven on for warmth!.

Ah well. I’ll have pictures of my peppers in jars at some point in the near future, at least. Hopefully they’re worth it!

Bake Fail!

Let me start off with this: I am usually a pretty decent bread maker. It’s one of the things that I like to make and that is usually quite successful. However when I say that I need to specify that it only applies to yeast breads. Take away the yeast and I get this sad excuse of an Irish soda bread.

Quick bread... too dry

Quick bread… too dry

I know why, too. It’s because I didn’t add enough liquid. Because I live on the shores of a big lake I’m used to living in a humid environment! But it’s been so dry lately that I couldn’t even add enough liquid to make the bread work. Oh well. I’ll still eat it, of course. It just needs a runnier jam!