Originally planned for my sister’s wedding (I ran out of time), I’m wearing this today at my cousin’s wedding over two years later. To be fair it’s been done for almost two years, other than blocking it. I was 5/6th done for my sister’s wedding, but it’s hard to craft and also plan something on that scale.

This is my first attempt at lace. I think that I need to try again!


Leg warmers and thigh highs


These are my leg warmers. I knit them on a train in January whilst traipsing around on my Sister tour. I saw both my sister and sister-in-law and took a lot of trains to do that! So I made these to pass the time. Plus, it was a cold winter. It’s always nice to have some extra layers in such weather!

imageThese are my thigh highs. Loosely based on rugby socks I was really just trying to use up some odds and ends in my yarn stash. It’s why the feet don’t quite match. They fit well though. And seeing as we’re on day whatever of freezing rain I’m very thankful that I can add these to my layers of leg protection!

In case you’re wondering why the feet are weird they’re both stirrup-socks at their base.


So, that’s what happens when you don’t turn things off and on again: they break down. Now I know. At least my computer is back up to its usual limping along state, rather than still out of commission entirely!

However, the unexpected time off has allowed me to start new projects and investigate old ones more completely. Here’s what’s on the go right now:

  • finishing my pink arm warmers
  • started a blue sweater
  • I figured out how to make fridge preserves!
  • Now I have a lot of soup broth to use up!
  • Time to preserve the corn/potato chowder that I made the other day
  • Must fix my blue winter bicycle!

So those are all the posts to look forward to in the near future as I catch up. There may also be a post about my turtle, Pythagoras. I recently had to fix his filter and I’m still leery about it.